The HKBOG aims at providing a common platform for its members to:Self Photos / Files - 20150727 HKBOG AGM with Nadia Harbeck

  1. Combine concerted resources and expertise to conduct clinical and translational research to further enhance the knowledge of breast cancer with particular reference to the local population, thus improving the standard of breast cancer care;
  2. Establish breast cancer clinical and translational research priorities while reducing any unnecessary duplication of efforts;
  3. Contribute to the local guidelines for the best standard of care for breast cancer in Hong Kong based on study of our local population data;
  4. Facilitate the underprivileged breast cancer patients to have equal access to the standard of care and accrual to clinical trials, yet without any deprivation of any health care opportunities;
  5. Promote knowledge exchange activities with the general public;
  6. Develop the most optimal model of collaboration with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to uphold scientific independence;
  7. Strengthen our collaboration with other scientific or breast oncology network, both regionally and internationally